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16 square tubeMain factors of industry purchase

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Square tubes are more and more widely used in practice. Different types of square tubes have different characteristics, and the performance of each type of square tube is also different. Choose according to its performance in different aspects, so as to improve its work efficiency. Next, lets introduce what should be paid attention to when heating the lower tube.

3Functional index analysis of square tube - commonly used are square tube Brinell angle (HB), Rockwell angle (hrahrbhrc) and Vickers angle (HV) Equal angle is a gauge needle to weigh the soft and hard level of metal data. In the current life, the angle method is rarely used to determine the angle. It uses the indenter with a certain number and shape to determine the angle value of the metal data surface being tested under a certain load according to the level.

zMain uses of square tube: square tube is mainly used in tap water engineering,Seamless square tube petrochemical industry,159 galvanized square pipeHow to repair and maintain in season electric power industry, agricultural irrigation and urban construction. It is one of the key products developed.

Today, with the development of the world, all fields are coming rapidly, which makes the demand for square tube higher and higher and the requirements of customers for square tube higher and higher. Now we are studying a new square tube. The following mainly introduces the performance of square tube in tensile strength.

VGuernsey IslandFirst, remove the deposits on the surface of the square pipe surface with copper wire brush. Use the perfume oil or other scrubbing oil on the surface layer, or use phosphate or chromate solution, brush, spray or dip coating. After the fixed reaction time,Seamless square tube rinse the acid solution with plenty of fresh water on the surface.

TgMaterial classification: square pipe is divided into ordinary carbon steel square pipe and low alloy square pipe.

× × ~ × × ~ × × ~ × × ~ × × ~ × × ~ × × ~ × × ~ × × ~ × × ~ × × ~ × × ~ × × Standard treatment of steps for preventing oxidation of ~ square tube square tube is a kind of metallic maintenance. The main components are iron and zinc. It is easy to have redox reaction in the air. Once the reaction occurs, many new substances have taken place, and the original characteristics have changed. However, in order to maintain the original relevant characteristics, anti-oxidation treatment is required. The direct reason is to prevent the square tube from reacting with the oxygen in the air, which is the way to isolate the oxygen in the air. Today this article makes a relatively standardized treatment on the relevant steps to prevent oxidation of square tubes: the key depends on what kind of antirust paint you use. . If you use epoxy zinc rich or iron rich antirust paint, you can directly spray fluorocarbon paint on it; if alkyd antirust or red lead is used, it shall be cleaned with paint remover and sprayed with epoxy zinc rich or iron rich antirust paint again before fluorocarbon paint can be sprayed.


Today, with the development of the world, all fields are coming rapidly,Seamless square tube which makes the demand for square tube higher and higher, and the requirements of customers for square tube higher and higher. Now we are studying a new square tube. The following mainly introduces the performance of square tube in tensile strength.

pPut the pig iron for steelmaking into the steelmaking furnace according to the specified process to obtain steel. The products of steel include ingots,159 galvanized square pipeHow to repair and maintain in season continuous casting billets and various steel castings made of straight square tubes. Generally speaking, steel refers to the steel rolled into various square tubes. Square tube steel belongs to ferrous metal, but steel is not completely equal to ferrous metal.

GThe flattening speed of the sample can be ~ mmin.

BFocus on DevelopmentHDPE plastic square pipe made according to the properties of square pipe has the advantages of light texture, high strength, good resistance, easy laying, low water resistance, low cost and corrosion resistance. Its service performance and economic benefits far exceed reinforced concrete pipe and general specification iron pipe. It is an updated product of engineering pipe.

fYIt must be noted that in the overall process of square tube coating process,Square pipe, square rectangular pipe, seamless square pipe, galvanized square pipe, galvanized pipe - Wuxi Jiahang metal products Co., Ltd the cost of surface treatment is still relatively high, so it is very important to select appropriate treatment. Only by selecting the right treatment can the coating quality of square pipe be well guaranteed.

Two main factors should be considered in the design of square pipe section: one is the safety of the section; the other is the economy of the section. For the safety of the section, we require that the ratio of waist thickness to height of H-section steel should not be less than . For H-section steel used as column, its economy is expressed by the ratio of torsion radius to its mass.


When the square tube is covered, the surface of the square tube shall be ventilated to avoid the collection of water vapor on the surface due to difficult volatilization.

Free consultationoMaterial of square tube: q Q (Mn), #, alloy steel, stainless steel.

NHeat to a temperature hundreds of degrees Celsius below the melting point, which can save energy.

A fixed thickness oxide film is formed showing a variety of different colors. Chemical oxidation method is to form various film colors in a specific solution at temperature and time; Because of the law & rdquo; More, but to maintain the color of the product, the reference electrode must be used. Electrochemical method is to form the color of chloride film with fixed thickness in specific electrolyte at temperature, voltage and time. This process is mature and widely used. Ion implantation method is to vaporize ions in vacuum and deposit them on the surface of qb square tube, such as watch case on the market. The golden color of watch strap adopts this process technology, which is suitable for mass production. The process of gas phase cracking is more complex and less used in industry. Square tube has long been widely used in mechanical industry. When the square pipe is cut automatically, when the square pipe is hoisted to the gas cutting platform, the distance difference between the two ends of one side of the pipe and the guide rail shall be adjusted within mm. During semi-automatic cutting, the guide rail shall be placed on the plane of the cut pipe, but it is not suitable for moving components such as wheels. At this time houses and bridges, people often use the plastic theory. The research of the plastic theory can be traced back to . In , the European Design Association formulated D plastic design code, which is mainly used for plane beams under static load and bending stress For the frame structure with stress, more detailed calculation is required. In the case of plastic design, the allowable stress is usually calculated according to the safety factor that the allowable stress is not less than the dynamic load and multiplied by the allowable stress. In the case of bending of an axis, the formula a = w can be used Using plasticity instead of calculated strength can improve the bearing capacity of members by %.

jMSquare tube is the main type of square tube. It is also very popular in the square tube market. There are many people doing this kind of thing, so there are many in the competition. The future market potential is huge. We should grasp this information well. In addition, we must learn about relevant maintenance and repair!

After chemical treatment and surface treatment of the square tube, the appearance and quality of the square tube have been improved to another height, making the current square tube present in the market in a good state.

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