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35 galvanized pipeHow to improve production efficiency

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Material classification: square pipe is divided into ordinary carbon steel square pipe and low alloy square pipe.

8Formulate the documents stored by the square tube for a long time and implement them in accordance with.

hB. low alloy structural steel C. ordinary structural steel and high-quality steel for specific purposes (including high-quality steel)

When the square tube is covered, the surface of the square tube shall be ventilated to avoid the collection of water vapor on the surface due to difficult volatilization.

MHoragosThe advantage of empty bending is that it can bend the side length when the real bending cannot be carried out, such as synchronous bending and finishing of the upper side and side of qb square tube. Empty bending can also bend the inner corner of r.t without fracture of pipe wall. The disadvantage of empty bending is that when the upper side and side are synchronous empty bending, due to the pressure generated by the upper roll and the lower roll at the same time, the forming force is easy to exceed the critical point, resulting in edge instability and concave,Rectangular Pipe and will also affect the stable operation of the unit and forming quality. This is also the different characteristics of qb square tube and round tube empty bending.

WcShould choose,32 square tubeInspection work to be done before operation in the end is galvanized or paint; For paint, it is recommended to match: epoxy zinc rich um + epoxy micaceous iron intermediate paint um + polyurethane finish paint um. In this way, according to the standard of iso, which is not a big problem.

Square tube with complex section: flower shaped square tube, open square tube, corrugated square tube and special-shaped square tube.


However, there is a large rate of end in the application of steel pipe, which is mainly due to the trouble of internal and external treatment. The first question is very crucial, and its external quality is very important

aA. square tube structural steel: (a) high quality carbon structural steel; (b) Alloy structural steel; (c) Spring steel; (d) Easy cutting steel; (e) Bearing steel; (f) High quality structural steel for specific purposes.

WThe first is the influence of external conditions. It mainly depends on the medium characteristics and temperature around the square pipe and whether the medium around the pipe is corrosive. Because the corrosivity of the medium is closely related to the microorganisms contained in the soil. And if it is a long-distance pipeline,Rectangular Pipe the soil environmental properties are more complex. In addition, the temperature of the environment where the pipeline is located will also affect the corrosion of the square pipe. If the temperature is high, the corrosion speed will also be accelerated, while if the temperature is low, the corrosion speed will be slowed down.

DTotal quality managementStrength structural steel, with carbon content of .% - .%, adding main alloy elements such as manganese, silicon, vanadium niobium and titanium; Its total alloy content is %. According to the strength, ,Rectangular Pipe and MPa.

nNSquare tube is made of steel ingot or solid tube blank through perforation, and then made by hot rolling,32 square tubeInspection work to be done before operation cold rolling or cold drawing. Square pipe plays an important role in steel pipe industry.

In order to ensure the stability of the perforation performance and chemical properties of the billet of the square tube, the technical regulations shall be strictly implemented in the operation of the circular furnace, the operation of the heating furnace shall be frequently, the abnormal conditions shall be handled in time and recorded, and the follow-up posts and quality management department shall be notified in time for handling.


Evaluation of test results after the test, the bending deformation of the sample is qualified if there is no crack or crack. The squash test rating square pipe produced by square pipe factory has been widely used. Of course, which makes the development of steel pipe make a lot of contributions. Lets look at the specific purpose of the lower tube.

Online consultationmWhen the square tube is covered, the surface of the square tube shall be ventilated to avoid the collection of water vapor on the surface due to difficult volatilization.

RIf the surface of the square tube is relatively flat,Galvanized pipe_ Galvanized square pipe_ Seamless steel pipe_ Square tube - Wuxi Jiahang it can reflect that the square tube is good. On the contrary, if the surface is not so flat and the size and thickness are not standardized, it can reflect that the square tube is a poor product& rdquo;

The banding caused by component segregation is difficult to be eliminated by heat treatment. Generally, normalizing can reduce this segregation to a certain extent. Generally, normalizing can correct the segregation to the allowable level. If the banding is serious, it can be improved by multiple normalizing. It is reliable to conduct high-temperature diffusion annealing first and then normalize again, which can completely eliminate the strip, but the cost will be very high which is difficult to achieve for the steel plate due to the surface quality.

q× × ~ × × ~ × × ~ × × ~ × × ~ × × ~ × × ~ × × ~ × × ~ × × ~ × × ~ × × ~ × × Standard treatment of steps for preventing oxidation of ~ square tube square tube is a kind of metallic maintenance. The main components are iron and zinc. It is easy to have redox reaction in the air. Once the reaction occurs, many new substances have taken place, and the original characteristics have changed. However, in order to maintain the original relevant characteristics, anti-oxidation treatment is required. The direct reason is to prevent the square tube from reacting with the oxygen in the air, which is the way to isolate the oxygen in the air. Today, this article makes a relatively standardized treatment on the relevant steps to prevent oxidation of square tubes: the key depends on what kind of antirust paint you use. . If you use epoxy zinc rich or iron rich antirust paint, you can directly spray fluorocarbon paint on it; if alkyd antirust or red lead is used, it shall be cleaned with paint remover and sprayed with epoxy zinc rich or iron rich antirust paint again before fluorocarbon paint can be sprayed.

qYIn short, the square tube production process includes these processes: tube blank & mdash& mdash; Cut off & mdash& mdash; Heating & mdash& mdash; Perforation & mdash& mdash; Pipe rolling & mdash& mdash; Sizing (reducing) & mdash& mdash; Straightening & mdash& mdash; Cut head and tail & mdash& mdash; Inspection & mdash& mdash; Packaging & mdash& mdash; Warehousing.

It is mainly caused by the fact that the square pipe body has no cover, the covering protection is not ideal and there is no support, partly due to the excessive number of stacking layers, and most coastal areas belong to marine climate with large annual rainfall, high air humidity, ponding in the square pipe and the square pipe. The protection shall be: if the bare pipe or pipe needs to be stored for a long time, it shall be protected with an uncovered object from the beginning of storage to avoid rusting, layer aging, edge warping and other phenomena of the square pipe.

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