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Q345B square tube

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Q345B square tube

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Q345B square tube is produced in accordance with the national standard GBT 6728-2002 cold-formed hollow section steel for structure. It is rolled by Q345B strip steel after process treatment. Q345B square tube is made of Q345B material (low alloy), which is very different from ordinary square tube in raw material (Q195, Q215, Q235). Generally, Q345B strip steel (low alloy) After unpacking, flattening, crimping and welding, the round pipe is rolled into a square pipe, and then cut into the required length. The common length is 6m, and the 12m quantity is large. It can be processed according to the customer's requirements. Generally, the small specification is 50 pieces per package, the large specification is 4 pieces, and the weight of each package is controlled at about 3T. Q345B square pipe is mostly in large specification, 80mm * 80mm-500mm * 500mm, and the thickness is 3 MM-16MM。

Q345B square pipe is a kind of light-weight thin-walled steel pipe with hollow square section, also known as steel cold-formed profile. It is a section steel with square section shape and size made of Q345B hot-rolled or cold-rolled strip or coil as the base material after cold bending processing and forming and then high-frequency welding. Except for wall thickness thickening, the corner size and edge flatness of hot-rolled extra thick wall square pipe reach or even exceed the resistance Horizontal welding of cold formed square tubes

Use of Q345B square tube

Q345B square tube is generally used in construction, machinery manufacturing, steel construction projects, shipbuilding, solar power generation support, steel structure engineering, power engineering, power plant, agricultural and chemical machinery, glass curtain wall, automobile chassis, airport, etc.

Q345B square tube seamless and welded joints

Q345B seamless square tube is extruded from Q345B seamless round tube.