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The standard number of spiral square pipe (standard of the Ministry of petroleum) for low pressure transmission is syt-. The representative materials are qbqb and other carbon steel materials. It is mainly used for low-pressure transmission of water, oil, natural gas, heating and other pipelines.

7When the square tube is processed, it needs to be properly polished to ensure durability smoothness and. There are kinds of polishing for general stainless steel profiles, including mechanical polishing,Square rectangular tube chemical polishing and electrochemical polishing.

aLarge diameter qb square tube production standard classification square tube is divided according to production standard: national standard square tube,18 galvanized square pipeWhy does the air volume decrease after long use Japanese standard square tube, British standard square tube, American standard square tube, European standard square tube and non-standard square tube.

The normal process flow is as follows: the round steel is perforated to form a tube embryo, then pickling is carried out, the black skin on the outer surface is washed off, and then grinding is carried out. After passing the inspection, the rolling mill or cold drawing and cold drawing are carried out. Annealing is required for wall reduction, but not for air drawing. After forming,Square rectangular tube annealing and straightening are carried out, and pickling is tested and stored in the warehouse. Basically, these are the processes. Better manufacturers will perform whitening treatment during annealing to make the surface treatment more beautiful. The narrow blank of square pipe can produce welded pipe with larger diameter, and the blank of the same width can also produce welded pipe with different diameter. However, compared with the straight seam square pipe with the same length, the weld length increases by %, and the production speed is low. Square pipes with large or thick diameter are usually made of steel blank directly, while small welded pipes and thin-walled welded pipes only need to be directly welded with steel strip. Then after simple polishing, wire drawing is OK. Therefore, straight seam welding is mostly used for relatively welded pipes,Square rectangular tube and spiral welding is mostly used for large-diameter welded pipes.

ZJoel darshalsonQb square pipe for mining fluid transportation, Standard No.: gbt-. The representative material is Q grade B steel,18 galvanized square pipeWhy does the air volume decrease after long use which is mainly used for coal mine air pressure, drainage and vertical shaft gas drainage straight seam qb square pipe.

VrTensile test is to form seamless qb into a sample, pull the sample to fracture on the tensile testing machine, and then measure one or more mechanical properties. Usually, yield strength, elongation after fracture and reduction of area are measured.

Section shape classification square tube is classified according to section shape: simple section square tube: square tube, rectangular square tube.


Compared with other traditional pipes, square pipe supply steel pipe has lighter raw materials,Galvanized pipe_ Galvanized square pipe_ Seamless steel pipe_ Square tube - Wuxi Jiahang high strength, good resistance, can withstand high internal pressure, sensitive application, and can get used to messy or bad geological conditions.

cThere are sets of MPM and sets of MRK pipe mills in the world. Strength refers to the function of qb square tube data being destroyed under static load (appropriate plastic deformation or fracture). Because the action forms of load include tension, contraction, shear and so on, because the strength is also divided into tensile strength, compressive strength, flexural strength, shear strength and so on. There is often a definite contact between various strengths. Long term sales of square tubes square tubes, seamless square tubes, galvanized square tubes and galvanized tubes have no turnover, so as to avoid the second-hand price difference, and the price is % higher than the market price! The price of more than one ton is higher! In normal use, tensile strength is often taken as the fundamental strength gauge needle.

OSquare tube is made of steel ingot or solid tube blank through perforation, and then made by hot rolling, cold rolling or cold drawing. Square pipe plays an important role in steel pipe industry.

SThe cost is reasonableEmpty bending is the bending moment formed in one direction between the outer roll and the outer wall of the tube blank to bend the strip. Empty bending will compress the bending line, and the metal at the bending will accumulate and thicken which is the compression thickening effect of empty bending.

gLSurface adhesion resistance is an important feature of square tubes. At present, square tubes are mostly used for transportation, so the adhesion resistance makes square tubes not stick during transportation.

In different environments, the use efficiency of square tubes is different. According to the quality of square tubes, we will conduct progressive research on them, hoping to develop better square tubes. No matter what environment, we will make square tubes suitable for use. Then, what is the role of shot blasting and sand blasting in each others pipe? Next, lets introduce it to you.


Tensile strength of square tube (& sigma; b): the stress (& sigma;) obtained by dividing the force (FB) borne by the sample during breaking by the original cross-sectional area (so) of the sample during stretching, which is called tensile strength (& sigma; b) and the unit is nmm (MPA). It represents the large capacity of metal materials under tension.

Total quality assurancetAt the same time, hanging heating shall be carried out during heating to reduce quenching deformation. For high-precision guide rail, gas nitriding or ion nitriding shall be carried out to reduce deformation; Square tubes have outstanding performance in all aspects of performance. We will also test them in this regard when making square tubes more durable. What outstanding performance do square tubes have in mechanical properties? Next, Ill introduce it to you.

EOil drilling pipe (yb-) is a square pipe used for internal or external thickening at both ends of oil drilling. Steel pipes are divided into turning wire and non turning wire. Turning wire pipe is connected with joint, and non turning wire pipe is connected with tool joint by butt welding.

The welding process of square tube is analyzed. The square tube is produced and processed at room temperature with strip steel as raw material. Square pipe can be divided into straight seam welded pipe, square pipe and spiral welded pipe. Due to the different uses of welded pipes, the standards of welded pipes are summarized in turn: galvanized qb square pipe for low-pressure fluid transportation, and the standard number is gbt-. Representative materials: QA, qbqb, etc. It is mainly used for conveying water, gas, air, oil and heating hot water or steam, and is used for general low pressure fluid.

lFor seamless qb square tubes, there is a certain hardness, so there are still many for bearing in application, so it is necessary to test the mechanical properties of seamless qb square tubes.

cUElectrochemical polishing: long specular gloss, stable process, it is mainly applied to products, imported products and public service products. Its processing technology is stable and the operation is simple.

Cold formed hollow section steel (American Standard) for cold pressed QB square tube (national standard) structure carbon steel cold-formed circular section and pressure welded QB square tube and seamless QB square tube (European standard) non alloy fine grain cold formed welded hollow structural profile (Japanese standard) angle steel QB square tube for general structure galvanized qb square tube for low pressure fluid transmission, Standard No.: gbt-. Representative materials: qqbqb etc. it is mainly used to transport water, gas, air, oil and heating hot water or steam. It is a special product manufacturing enterprise integrating R & D, sales and service. It has long been specialized in selling square tubes, seamless square tubes, galvanized square tubes and galvanized tubes. It is used for general low-pressure fluids.

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