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350 galvanized pipeProduct quality plan requirements

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Steel with chromium content of more than % in steel and high corrosion of external medium (acid, alkali salt) is called square pipe. According to the condition in steel, square tubes can be divided into martensite, ferrite, austenite and ferrite & mdash; Austenite type, precipitation hardening square tube,Q355b square tube according to the standard gb & mdash; regulations a total of regulations.

0Qb square pipe for mining fluid transportation,35 galvanized pipeHow to improve production efficiency Standard No.: gbt-. The representative material is Q grade B steel, which is mainly used for coal mine air pressure, drainage and vertical shaft gas drainage straight seam qb square pipe.

cGreatly reduce the structural weight and save steel. Square tube is an indispensable part of construction work, which we all know very well. Therefore the quality of square tube will directly affect the development of construction industry. What if we can make the service life of square tube longer? Here, we also need to ask the personnel of the square tube manufacturer for instructions, and use ingenious methods to prolong the service life of the square tube, so that the square tube can bring us greater help in life.

The strength of square tube refers to the function that the data of square tube are destroyed under static load (appropriate plastic deformation or fracture). Because the action forms of load include tension, contraction, meandering,Q355b square tube shear and so on, because the strength is also divided into tensile strength, compressive strength, shear strength and so on. There is often a definite connection between various strengths. In normal use, tensile strength is often used as the fundamental strength gauge.

HPelepeMechanical property is an important index to ensure the end use performance (mechanical property) of square pipe, which depends on the chemical composition and heat treatment of steel. In the steel pipe standard, according to different service requirements the tensile properties (tensile strength, elongation), hardness and toughness indexes, as well as the high and low temperature properties required by users are specified.

EaThe surface compressive stress characteristics of the square tube will be obtained after isothermal quenching.

When the square tube is covered,Q355b square tube the surface of the square tube shall be ventilated to avoid the collection of water vapor on the surface due to difficult volatilization.


before slicing. Highlight: push your hand straight up and down without bending and tremor. Dont know when its down. Take a constant speed and hand power to stabilize it. Dont slice or cut it completely.

vSquare tube for automobile half shaft sleeve (gb-) is a high-quality carbon structural steel and alloy structural steel hot-rolled square tube for automobile half shaft sleeve and drive axle housing.

AThe square tube can be sprayed with fluorocarbon paint, which needs some treatment before spraying.

KFair priceThere are many forms of heating furnace,35 galvanized pipeHow to improve production efficiency but the ring heating furnace is mainly used. The heating furnace has an annular furnace bottom, which can rotate slowly, the blank is loaded along the diameter direction of the furnace bottom from the inlet, and the heating operation especially needs patience. Because if the heating operation is not standardized, cracks, folding and eccentricity on the inner or outer surface of the tube blank will only produce waste products and defective products.

lDApplication: it is widely used in machinery, construction, metallurgy,Galvanized pipe_ Galvanized square pipe_ Seamless steel pipe_ Square tube - Wuxi Jiahang agricultural vehicles, agricultural greenhouses, automobiles, railways, highway guardrails, container frames, square tubes, raw materials, welding wires and fluxes. It must undergo strict physical and chemical inspection before being put into operation.

The surface hardening treatment of qqb square tube is generally isothermal quenching, that is heat treatment technology. After isothermal quenching, qqb square tube will obtain more and better properties, and make qqb square tube be applied in more fields.


Galvanized qb square pipe for low pressure fluid transmission, Standard No.: gbt-. The representative materials are the same as above. It is mainly used for conveying low-pressure fluids such as water, gas, air and oil and heating hot water or steam. The surface of square pipe shall be hot galvanized or cold galvanized.

discountiPerformance index analysis of square tube - plasticity refers to the ability of metal materials to produce plastic deformation without deformation under load.

WStainless steel square tube for fluid transportation (gbt-) is a hot-rolled (extruded, expanded) and cold drawn (rolled) square tube made of stainless steel for fluid transportation.

On the basis of thermodynamic calculation, the quality assurance of square tube, rectangular tube, seamless square tube, galvanized square tube and galvanized tube is professional. New and old customers are welcome to consult during the preferential activities. The process conditions of calcium treatment of CrMo sulfur-containing square tube are analyzed, and the sulfur-containing gear rolled products after calcium treatment are sampled and studied. The conclusions are as follows: in order to minimize the generation of Cao in sulfur-containing square tube steel, Omega in molten steel; (O) It must be taken off to & times; The rate of calcium can only be guaranteed below -.

fSquare tube is made of steel ingot or solid tube blank through perforation, and then made by hot rolling, cold rolling or cold drawing. Square pipe plays an important role in steel pipe industry.

lSSoft blowing treatment of molten steel after calcium treatment can reduce residual inclusions in molten steel and better wrap MNS around al CAS and other cores.

The square tube shall be painted correctly. The square tube, rectangular tube, seamless square tube and galvanized square tube shall be sold professionally. The performance of galvanized tube is stable, safe, reliable and maintenance free. The technical level has reached the domestic level and the advanced level of similar international products. Otherwise, the square tube will be corroded. The correct paint shall also be selected during painting, In this way, we can ensure that the square tube can be used more firmly, so as to ensure that the square tube will be better and better in future use. The square tube is used a lot in the soul. Each kind of square tube has a different role for the other tube. We choose different square tubes in the correct way, which can increase the performance of the square tube and be applied to different fields. Let me briefly introduce the square tube below.

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