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160 square tubeHow to use

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The quality of the solid square tube after the square tube formwork removal and curing can be tested according to the requirements and the following ways: use a magnifying glass to observe whether there are non external force cracks on the structural surface of the solid seamless qb square tube. When non external force cracks appear on the surface of qb square pipe, the crack width on the structural surface of ordinary qb square pipe shall not be greater than .mm.

5Soft blowing treatment of molten steel after calcium treatment can reduce residual inclusions in molten steel and better wrap MNS around al CAS and other cores.

vAccording to metallographic classification, the annealed state of square tube: A. hypoeutectoid steel (ferrite + pearlite); b. Eutectoid steel (pearlite); c. Steel precipitation through a common square tube (pearlite + cementite); d. Ledeburite steel (pearlite + cementite).

Qb square tube, the die material selected, has obvious hardening in the deep drawing process resulting in a lot of hard metal points, resulting in adhesion. It specializes in selling square tube,Square rectangular tube square rectangular tube,16 square tubeMain factors of industry purchase seamless square tube, galvanized square tube, galvanized tube and other special products. It is an old brand with advantageous price and guaranteed quality. It makes the surface of workpiece and die easy to be scratched and worn. Therefore, tool steel for general die can not be used.

LPylaiaHigh hardness square tubes mainly bear fatigue load, so they must have high hardness. Therefore, quenching, surface quenching or chemical heat treatment shall be carried out, followed by low-temperature tempering treatment.

ZbThe normal process flow is as follows: the round steel is perforated to form a tube embryo, then pickling is carried out,Square rectangular tube the black skin on the outer surface is washed off, and then grinding is carried out. After passing the inspection, the rolling mill or cold drawing and cold drawing are carried out. Annealing is required for wall reduction, but not for air drawing. After forming, annealing and straightening are carried out, and pickling is tested and stored in the warehouse. Basically, these are the processes. Better manufacturers will perform whitening treatment during annealing to make the surface treatment more beautiful. The narrow blank of square pipe can produce welded pipe with larger diameter, and the blank of the same width can also produce welded pipe with different diameter. However, compared with the straight seam square pipe with the same length, the weld length increases by %,Square rectangular tube and the production speed is low. Square pipes with large or thick diameter are usually made of steel blank directly, while small welded pipes and thin-walled welded pipes only need to be directly welded with steel strip. Then after simple polishing,16 square tubeMain factors of industry purchase wire drawing is OK. Therefore, straight seam welding is mostly used for relatively welded pipes, and spiral welding is mostly used for large-diameter welded pipes.

The common surface treatment of square pipe includes surface treatment, chemical treatment shot blasting treatment, manual mechanical treatment and flame treatment. The treated will be separated. ~ Mpa compressed air entrains abrasives, and the nozzle sprays to the steel surface at high speed. The impact and friction of abrasives remove the oxide scale, rust and dirt on the steel surface, and make the steel surface reach a certain roughness.


Qb square pipe for mining fluid transportation,Square pipe, square rectangular pipe, seamless square pipe, galvanized square pipe, galvanized pipe - Wuxi Jiahang metal products Co., Ltd Standard No.: gbt-. The representative material is Q grade B steel. It is mainly used for straight seam qb square pipe for mine air pressure, drainage and shaft gas drainage.

aHardness QB square hardness is a pointer to measure the hardness and softness of metal materials. At present, the hardness method is commonly used to measure the hardness in production. It uses the indenter with fixed geometry to measure the hardness value of the metal material surface tested under fixed load according to the degree of hardness.

WThere are many forms of heating furnace, but the ring heating furnace is mainly used. The heating furnace has an annular furnace bottom, which can rotate slowly, the blank is loaded along the diameter direction of the furnace bottom from the inlet, and can be heated and homogenized to the specified temperature when it is used at the outlet. The production process of seamless square tube is relatively slow, and the heating operation especially needs patience. Because if the heating operation is not standardized, cracks, folding and eccentricity on the inner or outer surface of the tube blank will only produce waste products and defective products.

HproductionAt present, researchers at home and abroad have carried out experimental discussion on the anti adhesion of square tube surface. So far, there is still a lack of research on surface adhesion, there is no systematic and perfect theory to guide the preparation of anti adhesion inner surface of pipeline, and there is a lack of operable and low-cost inner surface preparation technology of square pipe. In terms of solid surface adhesion mechanism, based on the solid-liquid interface adhesion work theory and smooth solid surface model, this paper analyzes the spreading process on machined rough surface, studies the dynamic movement characteristics of solid-liquid vapor phase line, directly analyzes the adhesion process, and establishes a line spreading model based on small system energy, it will automatically alarm and spray marks. The production will adjust the process parameters at any time to eliminate the defects in time.

The purpose of heat is to prevent the generation of cold cracks. Cold crack is directly related to carbon equivalent. Therefore, it is necessary to distinguish the carbon equivalent of the qb square tube, and the carbon equivalent of the qb square tube is the same. If the carbon equivalent of Q is less than .%, it can be said that the weldability is OK. Generally speaking, the cold crack increases when the carbon equivalent is .%.


The advantages of real bending are small reverse, accurate forming and as long as the roll shape is accurate, the R of inner corner forming is more accurate. The disadvantage of solid bending is that it has tensile thinning effect. The actual bending will produce tension at the bending point, and the tensile effect will shorten the longitudinal length of the bending line; The metal at the real bend will become thinner due to stretching.

property rightdThe advantages of real bending are small reverse, and as long as the roll shape is accurate, the R of inner corner forming is more accurate. The disadvantage of solid bending is that it has tensile thinning effect. The actual bending will produce tension at the bending point, and the tensile effect will shorten the longitudinal length of the bending line; The metal at the real bend will become thinner due to stretching.

AAmong them, qb square tube is divided into: (a) by process & mdash& mdash; Arc welded square tube, resistance welded square tube (high frequency and low frequency), gas welded square tube and furnace welded square tube (b) shall be welded according to the requirements

Now, which is completely inseparable from the manufacturers hard work in technology. I believe that the Fangguan market will be better and better in the future.

kThe modification of Ca, rare earth and other trace elements on inclusions changes the structure, spheroidize and refine inclusions in steel so as to improve the mechanical properties of square tubes.

aVFormulate the documents stored by the square tube for a long time and implement them in accordance with.

General shot blasting is used for square tube with regular shape. Several polishing heads are up, left and right, with high efficiency and little pollution.

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